Parks / Facilities

  1. Bank of Missouri Soccer Complex

    Get the latest on the Bank of Missouri Soccer Complex.

  2. City Park

    Find out what's available at the City Park.

  3. Community / Senior Center

    View the programs and events that are happening at the Community / Senior Center.

  4. Feltz Street Park

    Learn more about Feltz Street Park.

  5. French Lane Park

    Find out more about the park dedicated to our late Mayor.

  6. Hike and Bike Trails

    View all the trails and bike paths in Perryville.

  7. Northdale Park

    Browse information on Northdale Park.

  8. Perry County Museum

    Find out what you've been missing at the Perry County Museum.

  9. School Street Park

    Learn more about the facilities and equipment at School Street Park.

  10. Viola Blechle Park

    Find out why you need to visit Viola Blechle Park.