The City of Perryville has teamed up the Perry County Recycling Center to offer a free service to the community in collecting numerous types of electronic waste (E-Waste). E-Waste is considered anything that runs on batteries or can be plugged into an electric outlet. E-Waste cannot be put in with your regular trash. It is to be placed in your blue recycling container or can be dropped off at the Perry County Recycling Center. To request a recycling tote, contact the Recycling Center at (573) 547-5006.

Examples of E-Waste items picked up free of charge are:
  • cables, telephone systems, cell phones & household batteries.
Examples of E-Waste items that require a fee for pickup include:
  • computer monitor ($10), any size television ($50). That fee can be paid at Perryville City Hall, once paid you will receive a sticker that must be affixed to the item before it will be picked up.