Natural Gas

The natural gas system in Perryville is owned and operated by the City of Perryville and provides natural gas to approximately 3,800 customers with safe, clean, reliable natural gas. The City contracts with Interstate Municipal Gas Agency (IMGA) for its gas supply.  The gas company offers free service connections and a rebate plan for both new and existing customers
The City’s gas mains range in both size and pressure. The system is supplied by an 8” steel line operating at 300 PSI. The City has several 300 PSI feeder mains supplying pressure reducing stations positioned throughout the community. These stations reduce the 300 PSI to 24 PSI to serve the City. The City’s south loop line operates at 50 PSI. All residential services are installed by the City of Perryville.

The City has replaced the gas system with polyethylene pipe and now uses all polyethylene pipes for low pressure mains and services. The main pipes range from ¾” polyethylene and steel to 6” polyethylene and steel. In addition to City residents, the natural gas is provided to residents along Highway 61 South, the industrial area in McBride, and the Perryville Municipal Airport, for a total of 90 miles of pipeline. All mains, extensions and new service installs are done in accordance with the City’s rules and regulations and are subject to the Missouri Public Service Commission. The natural gas department is staffed with five full-time employees.

Natural Gas Tips

  • Bright yellow flags indicate that the natural gas pipeline is buried nearby.
  • Always hire a qualified gas professional to inspect and service gas appliances, check connections to fuel lines and verify proper venting before using any appliances.
  • It is important for everyone in your family to recognize the “smell” of natural gas. Mercaptan is the chemical added to natural gas to give it an easily detected odor. The smell is often described as similar to sulfur or rotten eggs.
  • The City of Perryville supplies public awareness information on a periodic basis using announcements and bill mailers to inform the public of the safety of natural gas.

After Hour Emergency
Please call (573) 547-2500, a Police dispatchers will answer the phones after normal business hours (7:00 am - 4:00 pm), weekends and holidays. They will gather your information and dispatch the Public Works Department.

Before You Dig

Before starting any digging or excavating project, Missouri law requires that a locate request be placed. Placing a locate is free and easy. Call 1-800-DIG-RITE (344-7483) or 811. The Natural Gas Department will respond to your request and mark the approximate location of their lines within three working days.

Report a concern online or call (573) 547-2500.