Public Safety

Press Release - March 19, 2020

RE: Modified Police Response Protocols

With the emergence of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) in the state of Missouri, we have been working closely with our Emergency Management teams both locally and at the state levels to ensure the safety of our officers, staff and the general public we are in contact with. With this, Chief Direk Hunt made the call last week to have officers follow the Federally suggested modified protocols for officers responding with Emergency Medical Calls.

Today Chief Hunt has instructed officers, dispatchers and other staff that we will be modifying our response to low level calls. What this means for the public is this. Officers will still respond to active “in progress” calls. Non-emergency and business calls for service will be taken over the phone at (573)547-4546. Non-injury private property accidents will not warrant an officer’s response at this time. Callers will be directed to exchange insurance information with the other vehicle owner.

The Perryville Police Department will strive to continue to function at its same high standard of service. These modified protocols are in place to protect our officers so that they may continue to serve this community without interruption, and they are also in place to protect the public. In Addition these modifications will help effectively diminish the spread of COVID-19 throughout the community.

Chief Hunt stated, “Along with other Law Enforcement Departments across the country who are all modifying their response; we are struggling to find the balance of still being a proactive presence during this pandemic and keeping our staff safe. Our officers will continue to patrol our community, but we will have to modify our response to certain calls for service.”

We also request that the general public refrain from traveling to the Police Department and instead, make every attempt to report any incident via telephone (573) 547-4546. The Perryville Police Department has cancelled all civic meetings, public programs, and department tours until further notice.