Animal Control

The City of Perryville's Municipal Animal Shelter is operated within the Police Department. We are licensed by the Missouri Department of Agriculture. We rescue lost, abandoned, and stray animals within the incorporated city limits and enforce theSpay and Neuter Your Pets local animal laws. Animals that are impounded are held for a minimum of five days to allow their owner to claim them first. During that time, we see if the animal would make a good candidate to be placed for adoption.

Our goal is to place our animals in a good home setting. With the ultimate hope of creating lifelong companionship between animal and owner. Persons interested in adoption are asked to contact us for additional information. All dogs and cats will need to be spayed or neutered and vaccinated. The fees incurred for these services are the responsibility of the new owner.
We make every attempt to locate the owner of animals that are picked up and impounded. We promote responsible pet ownership. Name tags, rabies vaccination tags, as well as micro chips are very important. These items will help us help your pet to return home.

Redemption Fees

Owners that reclaim their dog or cat are required to pay a redemption fee of $35, along with a $10 per day charge for boarding of dog or cat.

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