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The Fire Department is responsible for providing fire suppression, rescue services, hazardous materials, fire prevention, fire investigation, public education, and fire inspections within the city limits of the City of Perryville.

The Fire Department is staffed by an authorized strength of forty-five paid-per-call personnel. The Department is organized into three divisions:
  • Operations
  • Fire Prevention and Inspections
  • Training
The administrative and operations staff consists of one Fire Chief, Jeremy Triller, and three Assistant Chiefs, Jeff Bohnert, Larry Winkler, and William Jones. The assistant chiefs help oversee emergency response operations, fire rescue, and hazmat daily activities, as well as assist with administrative responsibilities.


  • Regular monthly business meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month.
  • Regular training sessions are held the 3rd or 4th Tuesday of the month and every other Saturday of the month.
  • Open House and Fire Prevention activities are held annually in October during National Fire Prevention Week.

Fire Prevention & Inspections

Assistant Chief Jeff Bohnert and Assistant Chief William Jones head the Fire Prevention and Inspections Division. This division provides fire inspections to residential, commercial, and industrial property, as well as providing public education and fire prevention classes throughout the community and to the schools within the City. The Fire Prevention Division's normal operating hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and may be reached at (573) 547-4545 or (573) 547-2594.

The Training Division

The Training Division is headed by Assistant Chief Jeff Bohnert. The Training Division is responsible for training firefighters in suppression, search and rescue, extrication, and initial hazardous material response techniques, in addition to the numerous fire and rescue related areas.


Assistant Chief Larry Winkler is responsible for the operations aspect of the department and Assistant Chief William Jones is responsible for purchasing and administrative aspects of the department.

Fire Dept Uniforms