The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) utilizes a variety of equipment to assist in its mission of coordination and technical assistance during emergency situations/incidents.

Partial list of equipment maintained and used by the OEM:
  • 72 passenger bus – converted to a Mobile Communications command Unit. This unit has a two-place radio console, numerous map and planning tables, storage cabinets, and a two-bed rehab area. The unit is stocked with incident command supplies and equipment, incident command vests and accountability supplies.
  • 85 KW trailer generator
  • Numerous 1 to 10 KW generators, lighting sets, power cables
  • Cub Cadet UTV for search and rescue purposes and special operations transport
  • Several emergency rapid deployment shelters including pop-up shelters, larger pole supported shelters, and air inflated structures.
  • Field hospital/triage area and medical transport supplies
Structural search and rescue equipment:
  • Paking supplies for standard FEMA Search Marking Systems
  • Forcible entry tools
  • Hand tool kits
  • Personal protective equipment & gear