Inside the Perry Park Center there are: two racquetball courts, two basketball/volleyball courts, six shuffle board courts, swimming pool, free weight room, cardiovascular room, three-lane rubberized track, and a batting cage.

Cardiovascular Room:

Features four elliptical machines, four treadmills, two upright bikes, and two sitting bikes.

Weight Room:

Free weights and a variety of machine weights all designed to help you meet your toning and strength building goals.

Rubberized Track:

Three lane indoor track.
(11.5 laps per mile for the inside lane, 11 laps per mile for the middle lane, and 10.5 laps per mile for the outside lane)

Basketball Courts:

Two full sized rubberized surface courts. We offer many rental options for you and your team from one goal to both full courts.

Volleyball Courts:

Two indoor rubberized surface courts are available. The courts are available for rent or for daily use just request a net to be set up or adjusted for your use.

Shuffle Board:

Shuffle board is a classic game of strategy. The facility offers six courts in the gym that can be reserved for play.

Wood Court:

Our showcase wooden court may be laid out for big events. In recent years, we have hosted district tournaments, local rivalry games, and other major tournaments.

We proudly offer tours of the facility so call or stop by and ask for a tour today!