Municipal Court


  • Court will be conducted on a first-come, first-serve basis;
  • Social distancing is required, please:
    • Only 10 people will be allowed in the courtroom at a time;
    • Keep 6 feet apart at all times;
    • Sit in seats marked with an “x”;
    • Do not approach the bench; stay behind the tape; and; 
    • Only one person at a time up at the Payment Clerk’s desk.  Please stay in your seat until the person paying has finished and walks away.
  • No entrance into the building if you have been exposed to or if you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.  Please call the Municipal Court at (573) 547-2594 for your options.
  • If you are a vulnerable person, such as:  65 years or older, individuals with underlying medical conditions, including those who suffer from chronic lung disease, moderate to severe asthma, serious heart condition, immune disorder, obesity, diabetes, or chronic kidney or liver disease, please call the Municipal Court at (573) 547-2594 for your options. 
  • Your temperature will be checked before entering the building.  If you are running a temperature of 100° or higher, you will not be allowed inside the building.  Please contact the Municipal Court at (573) 547-2594 for your options.
  • If you have a mask or face covering, please put it on prior to entering the building.
  • You will remain in your vehicle or outside while social distancing in the east parking lot until the Bailiff admits you into the building.  There will be only 10 people allowed inside the courtroom at a time.  As one person exits the building, another person will be allowed to enter the building.

For safety reasons, if you are not on the docket, you will not be permitted in the courtroom.

The Municipal Court

The Municipal Court of the City of Perryville is a division of the 32nd Judicial Circuit Court of Perry County, Missouri and is subject to the rules of the circuit court, and to the rules of the state supreme court. The municipal judge shall hold his elected office for a period of two years.

Municipal court is held the first Wednesday of every month. Entrance to the municipal court is on the east side of city hall off Grand Avenue. Municipal court begins at noon.

Requests for Continuances

All requests for a continuance are decided in the Judge's discretion. No request for continuance made less than 10 days before at the day set for your appearance will be considered unless it is an unforeseeable emergency.

Record Searches

Any person may request copies of records by coming into city hall and meeting with the court administrator. A photo I.D. must be presented and a request for public records form must be completed. The court administrator then has three days to process the request.

​Your Rights in Court

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