Filing for City Elected Official

  • Any person desiring to seek election for any elective office at any general city election may do so by filing a declaration of candidacy with the city clerk between eight a.m. on the seventeenth Tuesday prior to the election and five p.m. on the fourteenth Tuesday prior to the election. Any candidate for elective city office at any general city election must file within this time period. The city clerk shall, before the seventeenth Tuesday prior to any election at which offices are to be filed, notify the general public of the opening filing date, the office or offices to be filled, the proper place for filing, and the closing filing date of the election. Such notification shall be accomplished by a legal notice published in at least one newspaper of general circulation in the city. The city clerk shall keep a permanent record of the names of the candidates, the office for which they seek election and the dates of the filings; and their names shall appear on the ballots in said order.
  • The declaration of candidacy shall contain the full name of the candidate, his address and age, the office for which he proposes to be a candidate, the date of the filing, and if nominated and elected to such office, that the candidate will qualify.


Every candidate, at the time a declaration of candidacy if filed, will be required to pay a filing fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) to the City Clerk.

Required qualifications

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