Disc Golf

Disc Golf - City Park
If you really want to explore City Park, then why not make a game of it?

The construction of the City Park course was funded with donations from groups, individuals and contributions from the City of Perryville.  The course was unveiled in 2013.

The course features top of the line disc golf baskets, concrete tee pads and easy to read tee signs.  It was designed to utilize areas of Perryville City Park that are not heavily used by park visitors. Our course takes players through a moderately hilly landscape with a lightly wooded terrain. Beginner to experienced players, individuals and families of all ages will find the course to be challenging but rewarding.

Disc Golf - Northdale Park
The Northdale Park Disc Golf Course was established in 2022.  It's located at 500 Northdale Drive and is a 9 hole course on 5.8 acres.  Our Dynamic Disc Veteran Baskets and concrete tees help make this course fun for all skill levels. 

What is disc golf?
Disc golf is similar to traditional golf except players use plastic flying discs instead of balls and clubs.  Players throw them for 'par' at an above-ground target instead of a hole in the ground. There are different types of discs used for different purposes, much like how golfers use different clubs.
The object of the game is to throw a golf disc into the target, typically a "Pole Hole" basket (a steel basket over which chains hang) in the fewest number of throws.

Rental Fees:
Discs are available at the front desk of the Perry Park Center and available for rent with picture identification. There is also an assortment of discs for purchase. Scorecards with maps of City Park can also be picked up at the front desk.

View the City Park Course Map

View the Northdale Course Map 

**Please remember all participants are responsible for keeping our park safe and litter free. Proper waste containers are placed throughout the course.